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Windows Vista: An FAQ for Nonprofits

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What to know if you're thinking about an upgrade to Microsoft's new OS

VistafaqWindows Vista, Microsoft's first new major operating system (OS) since the launch of the Windows XP line in 2001 was launched in early 2007. Vista's launch has already generated some questions about upgrading, new features, tech support, and indeed whether now is a good time to migrate your computers to this new OS.
To help you make an informed decision about Vista, we've answered a handful of questions that we think nonprofits will be most concerned with. You may even want to use our answers to assess the potential pros and cons of upgrading to Vista at your nonprofit.

What are the different versions of Vista?

Windows Vista comes in six versions, each of which has a different combination of features. As you might expect, the more expensive versions of the OS offer a proportionally larger number of features.

Microsoft Office 2007: Any Questions?

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Office 2007Office productivity software such as Microsoft Office is a key component for non profit organisations in undertaking many of  their crucial day-to-day tasks. In this context decision makers in such organisations wonder if they should upgrade to a later (or rather the latest) version of Office. Questions that arise frequently focus on the software's new features, potential impact on the organisation's budget, and whether upgrading now makes sense.

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